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The S & G Yacht Delivery Page

This page is about my company and me. I am a 39-year-old boat captain with 22 years experience. I run 80' + party boats. I also do boat deliveries in my spare time. I love the ocean and anything to do with it. I am an avid fisherman and a sportsman. I have many hobbies but the ocean takes up most of my time. I have done many trips to Florida and back. In 20 years, I've never had an accident and pride myself on that fact.
    S & G Yacht Delivery is my company name. It consists of myself and a group of other professional captains and mates. We do boat deliveries for a reasonable price and in a safe and timely fashion. Each boat is treated as if it were our own. Each boat is kept so that it could be sold the very next day. We do not take chances with someone else's boat just to make a few extra miles or get to where we are going sooner. This is why we charge a  set rate per day, reasonable expenses and air fare to point of origin. Weather is so variable, we have found it more economic to charge by the day as opposed to a set rate for the whole trip. Would you want to pay for 6 days if the trip only took 3 days?
    We also require a licensed captain and a mate on board each delivery. If you want a captain, we take care of that. A mate is also required. It can be the owner, a friend of the owners', or we will  supply a professional mate for a set rate per day, plus reasonable expenses and airfare to point of origin. The owner is responsible for all other expenses involved with moving a boat. The owner and the captain shall comply with all contractual conditions of the boat delivery. I will leave my resume' available on this page should you decide to look at my credentials. References available apon request.

Wanted: Delivery Captains and Crews. Must have 3 personal References and 3 customer References. Send resume to . If you are interested in being put on a list for deliveries, please send me a email. If you have contacted me in the past, contact me again. Iím building a new list due to a hard drive crash---Gary K. Davis


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