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About Me :


My name is Gary Davis. I have been a avid fisherman since I was a child.
I began seriously fishing when I turned 17. It began with a bluefish trip on a boat
called the Kestrel. We went out and caught 400lbs of bluefish one day. Little did
I know that the owner didn't want them. Lucky us, we got to eat Bluefish all winter.
He was so impressed with me, that a week later, He invited me to go Bluefin tuna
fishing. My first Bluefin Tuna weighted 951 lbs. I've been fishing every since.
    I have been fishing Massachusetts waters for 25 years. From Stellwagen Bank
to the Canyons south of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. I am very experienced in
all Massachusetts sport fisheries. I also hold a U.S. Coast Guard 100ton Captains
License.I have worked on boats from 26' to 120' . I believe in safety above all else
and pride myself in never having had a marine accident.